Which Angie Dixon Am I?

If you read something somewhere about “Angie Dixon, the award-winning author of the creativity bestseller The Leonardo Trait: How Creative People Can Turn Creative Eccentricity into a Life You Love,” and you’re looking for that Angie Dixon, I’ve got good news and better news, and no bad news. At least I don’t think so.

The good news is, while I have won a number of writing awards and while The Leonardo Trait is hanging out on three Amazon bestseller lists as I write this, and while I did, in fact, write The Leonardo Trait, I don’t really go around introducing myself like this:

Hi. I’m Angie Dixon, the award-winning author of the bestseller The Leonardo Trait: How Creative People Can Turn Creative Eccentricity into a Life You Love.” I usually just say, “Hi, I’m Angie.” Sometimes I say, “Hi, I’m Angie Dixon.” A lot of times I say, “Hi, I’m Angie. I’m Samantha’s mom.” A bit less frequently I say, “I’m Jim’s wife” or “I’m Jack’s mom.” They’re not as outgoing as Sam. But I have never to this day introduced myself as either an award-winning author or the author of a bestseller–let alone as both at once. I let those things stay in the public sphere where I need to explain who I am on a book jacket or a social media profile.

The better news is that here I’m just Angie. My friends call me Ang, and I’ve invited my readers to call me Ang, as well, so feel free.

I also have a couple of fun things for you.

Before I get to those, I just want to say that I’m in the process of building a new website. Right now everything related to The Leonardo Trait is on its own website at The Leonardo Trait Blog.

The second book in the Uniquosity series, The Leonardo Trait being the first of course, is called 10 Impossible Ideas Before Breakfast, and I’m still finishing it up for publication. And by “finishing it up for publication” I of course mean frantically trying to write the last 60% of the book by my deadline in three weeks. But I am working on it, and you’ll find more about it here when it’s available.

Am I the Angie Dixon Who?

If you hit Google looking for “Angie Dixon,” you’ll find quite a few entries. At one point, long ago, they were all for me, but lately I show up mostly in specialized searches like “Angie Dixon writer” and “Angie Dixon Leonardo Trait,” which is about as specialized as you can get.

A few years ago I put together a funny little piece of writing about who I am and who I’m not. At least, I think it’s funny. You can find “Are You the Angie Dixon Who…?” here.

Are You a Leonardo?

My book The Leonardo Trait is about being oddly, peculiarly creative and being okay with that. That is, of course, an oversimplification, but not much of one.

The description on Amazon’s sales page for The Leonardo Trait opens with:

Have you ever been rejected because you were ‘too creative’ and people thought you were crazy?”

If you have no idea what I’m talking about, you’re probably not a Leonardo.

If you’re sitting there wondering how I knew, you’re certainly a Leonardo.

Even if that line didn’t ring true for you, you may still be a Leonardo.

As I said, right now this site is pretty bare. I’m beefing it up as quickly as possible. In the meantime, you can contact me here with any questions or comments you have.