About Angie Dixon and The Leonardo Trait

The Leonardo Trait: How Creative People Can Turn Creative Eccentricity into a Life You Love

About The Leonardo Trait

Where The Leonardo Trait Came From

Before there was a third edition of the book The Leonardo Trait: How Creative People Can Turn Creative Eccentricity into a Life You Love, and in fact before there was a second or a third edition, there was an idea.

That makes sense, right? Everything starts with an idea.

This idea, though, changed my life and probably saved it – and I wasn’t looking for any idea at all, let alone such a powerful one.

It happened on March 25, 2006. I was visiting my best friend and she asked what I was reading. I told her about a couple of disappointing “creativity” books that I’d just finished.

I found them disappointing because the descriptions and titles had led me to believe I might have found a solution to my creativity problem. But the books didn’t actually help. They just described my problem without offering any real solutions.

My Creativity Problem

There are tons of books on being more creative. You can find those books everywhere.

Being not enough creative has never been my problem.

My problem, and it was a serious one, was that I was “too” creative.

I was so creative that people thought I was strange, and even crazy. In fact, a few months before this visit with my best friend, someone had told me I was crazy and they didn’t “want to get involved with” someone like me. That wasn’t the first time something like that knocked me on my butt and chilled my creativity for months.

It wasn’t the first time, but it was the last time.

Because, while I was talking to Judy…

I Discovered A Solution in My Own Brain

We talked about how people are different, and how some creative people are really different. And out of my mouth came an explanation of certain traits that, if you put them all together, describe creative people and could be called, collectively, “I don’t know. Maybe something like the “Leonardo Trait.”

And there it was.

Judy said, “You should write a book about that.” And I did. Then I wrote another and another, and now that third book is on Amazon’s bestseller list and Leonardos all over the world are recognizing themselves.

This is What the Leonardo Trait Is…

It’s all those things that you think make you too creative and too weird and not suited for our world because you don’t fit in. But you do fit in with other Leonardos, and the world does need all of us Leonardos. Where would everyone else be without our wild imaginations and our multiple passions and our two speeds – fast and stop?

Here’s how I describe The Leonardo Trait: How Creative People Can Turn Creative Eccentricity into a Life You Love, when I need a description for a book review site or something similar:

Turn your creative eccentricity into a life you love. The Leonardo Trait is the book on creativity for creative dreamers, underachievers, undersucceeders and rock stars. It’s the owner’s manual for the brains of profoundly creative people, giving creative people permission to be exactly who, what and how they are.  It’s time to build the connection between your creative mind and success.

You’re wondering if it’s right for you—if you have to be “profoundly creative” to get something out of this book? Yes but no.

See, most profoundly creative people don’t feel profoundly creative. In fact, most of us feel like freaks most of the time.

If you feel left out because of your creativity, if you feel like you don’t fit in the world the way you are, The Leonardo Trait was written for you.

If you’re constantly being told to “settle on one thing,” informed that you should “finish what you start,” and fed that biggest of lies, “Jack of All Trades, Master of None,” The Leonardo Trait is for you.

If you are ready to embrace your creative nature and become a Jack of all Trades and master of all, The Leonardo Trait  is for you.

About Me [Angie Dixon]

Angie DixonI think it’s okay for me to call myself the Alpha Leonardo, since I came up with the idea. I also think I’m just a little more Leonardo than anyone else I’ve met–but I haven’t met all of us, so I could have competition.

Seriously, though. I am such a Leonardo. I have always wanted to be everything, know everything, see everything and do everything.

When I was five, I took all the paper off the shelf in our kindergarten classroom. When my teacher told me to put back all but one sheet, my best friend Mark stood up. Mark was small, quiet and shy, but he stood up for me. And he said, “She’s going to write a book.”

Mrs. Carnahan, without missing a beat, said, “Well, then she’ll have to write it one page at a time.”

I did indeed write a book, and many more, one page at a time, while riding a wave of profound creativity that has at times been difficult and at other times exhilarating.

In my first 10 years out of high school, Angie worked at more than 15 different jobs. Then I quit my last job for good. Who knows how many more I would have racked up in the last 20 years, right?

Since 1996 I’ve started 7 businesses, unless I’ve forgotten some, including a web design firm, a pet photography business, a publishing company and a non-profit devoted to mental health awareness.

Also since 1996 I’ve written 50+ books and ebooks, including two editions of The Leonardo Trait, an owner’s manual for the brains of profoundly creative people.

As a writer, photographer and graphic designer, as well as a generally creative thinker and energetic and impulsive creator of “stuff” of all kinds, I enjoy the intense energy and lightning flashes of inspiration that come with profound creativity.

As a person living with profound creativity, I also understand the frustrations and difficulties that come with it, including extreme energy crashes, piles of unfinished projects and the reactions of people who find me and people like me overwhelming and uncomfortable to be with.

These advantages and disadvantages and the difficulties and enjoyment of living with multiple passions and profound creativity led to my discovery of what I call the Leonardo Trait, and to write a book just for people like me. By “people like me” I mean people who say YES!!!!!!!!!!!! to everything before they hear the question, people who put in twenty hours painting a rock to exactly match the desk where it will become a paperweight, people who send five emails in response to a simple question, people who know they’re different but don’t know why that’s good.

I wrote The Leonardo Trait, in short, so I would have someone to play with, and so would the other Leonardos who read it.