What If Your Family and Friends Don’t Love The Leonardo Trait?

What if Your Family and Friends Don't Love The Leonardo Trait? | The Leonardo Trait | Angie DixonI get a lot of emails from people who’ve read The Leonardo Trait. One thing they all say is, “I’m a Leonardo.” They’re all thrilled to finally know that there is something rare and special about them—rather than something different and weird and, frankly, something wrong with them.

One of my more recent new fans told a friend about The Leonardo Trait, hoping to hear some sort of joy for her discovery. Instead, this friend said, “Are you sure it’s not called the Fairy Trait, the way you’re always flitting around from thing to thing?” Her husband stood up for her, but I know her friend’s comment was hurtful.

And the truth is, not everyone is going to be happy for you and not everyone is going to get it.

I want to tell you what my best friend said when I told her (with permission) about the “Fairy Trait” comment:

I like also that while the friend calls the same thing a fairy trait, which implies so much that is negative, that you call it the Leonardo trait, giving dignity and intelligence and creativity to a trait others don’t and won’t be able to get. Take that, nameless, stupid friend.

And that’s really my advice, sort of.

Some people don’t get it because they can’t get it. They’re not able to imagine a reality in which it’s normal to be as creative and different and eccentric as Leonardos are.

I won’t say ,“And that’s okay,” because it’s really not okay. It doesn’t feel okay when someone can’t or just won’t accept you as the remarkable Leonardo you are.

But you know what? Compared to some things in this world that people won’t accept, this is a small thing. We’re misunderstood sometimes even by people we love and who love us, but that’s not really all that big a deal.

There are two groups of people you’ll face resistance and misunderstanding from. The first is people who do love you and want to understand you, but just don’t get the concept of the Leonardo Trait. As long as they’re willing to accept that you don’t intend to change, and you’re both happy with the relationship as it’s going, that final bit of acceptance probably isn’t completely necessary. Just be who you are and let the other person be who they are in return.

The other group of people you might encounter includes people hwo not only refuse to accept that who and what you are is okay, but expect you to change because they don’t like it.

Honestly, I think if you have people in your life who don’t value you for yourself, you should excise those people. But I know that’s not always possible or desirable, so we’ll look at what to do when they don’t get it.

So here’s my prescription for Leonardos:

Be yourself.

Some people will get you and that will be great.

Some people won’t get you but will be okay with that, and so will you.

Some people will insist you be someone else. If you can’t avoid them, ignore them. You don’t need that kind of negativity in your life.

What kind of reaction have you gotten to the Leonardo Trait concept from friends and family?