Get Your Free Excerpt of The Leonardo Trait: How Creative People Can Turn Creative Eccentricity into a Life You Love

Has anyone ever called you crazy because they thought you were “too creative”?

That’s happened to me. Not just once, either, and not just twice.

Over the course of more than four decades, I can’t count on one hand, including my thumb, the number of times something like that has happened to me, basically starting in kindergarten.

A few years ago I finally found the solution to that problem. I called it the Leonardo Trait, and I wrote a book about it.

Then I wrote that book again, and again.

Now the third edition of The Leonardo Trait, subtitled How Creative People Can Turn Creative Eccentricity into a Life You Love, has become a bestseller on Amazon. At least, it was. The numbers fluctuate, so I can’t promise anything about today, but it generally hangs out around:

  • #20 in Kindle Ebooks==>Health, Fitnesss and Diet==>Psychology and Counseling==>Creativity and Genius
  • #45 in Kindle Ebooks==>Nonfiction==>Self-Help==>Creativity
  • #60 in Books==>Health, Fitnesss and Diet==>Psychology and Counseling==>Creativity and Genius

That’s cool. I like knowing that it’s a popular book. But what I really want is to tell people like me that they are not crazy, weird or stupid because of their creativity.

That’s why I’ve put together an excerpt of The Leonardo Trait and I’m giving it away free.

And by “excerpt” I’m not talking about five or six pages, ending in the middle of a chapter.

This excerpt includes:

  • “What People Are Saying About Angie Dixon and The Leonardo Trait…,” which is an amusing read in itself
  • A detailed Table of Contents that outlines everything the book covers, so you get a solid feel for whether you want to read the whole book
  • Chapter 1, “Unmasking Profound Creativity”
  • Chapter 2, “The Leonardo Trait Defined”
  • Chapter 3, “Sub-Trait One: Deep and Inherent Curiosity”
  • Chapter 4, “Sub-Trait Two: Multiple Passions”
  • Chapter 5, “Sub-Trait Three: Boundless Energy”
  • Chapter 6, “[6] Sub-Trait Four: Inability to Happily Focus on One Thing at a Time”
  • Chapter 7, “Sub-Trait Five: Curiosity”
  • Chapter 8, “Why the Leonardo Trait Matters”

That’s eight chapters of The Leonardo Trait, plus the detailed contents listing and the blurbs just for fun, because they’re not what you expect.

The excerpt comes to 58 pages in length, and yes, it’s really free. None of this “free but you pay five zillion dollars for shipping” stuff, because it’s a digital download.

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