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Freebies! I Love Freebies!

I have created quite a lot of stuff that I intend to add to this page, but I haven’t gotten to most of it yet. Check back periodically, and sign up to get my newsletter with the free excerpt. I’ll announce new freebies there.

Free Excerpt of The Leonardo Trait: How Creative People Can Turn Creative Eccentricity into a Life You Love

You can get a free 58-page, 8-chapter excerpt of The Leoonardo Trait, if you haven’t already gotten it, on this page.

Free Digital, Shareable Copy of The Leonardo Trait: How Creative People Can Turn Creative Eccentricity into a Life You Love

So you’re wondering why I would give away both an excerpt and a free copy of the whole book. Here’s the deal. I’m willing to give you a PDF copy of the book [you can read it in Adobe Acrobat Reader on any computer or device}. But there is a catch. If you download the full version of the book, the “Shareable Edition,” I ask that you share it with at least 10 people if at all possible. You’re on the honor system, and I totally get if you can only think of six people. But the reason for the Shareable Edition is to share it. So if you download the whole book, please share it with friends, with your writing group, on Facebook or Twitter…just share it wherever you can. Thanks. You can download the digital book here.

Leonardo Trait Creativity Quiz

Are you a Leonardo, a Straight-Liner or somewhere in between? Find out with my creativity quiz. You can take the quiz here.

The Leonardo Toolkit

This is some stuff I put together for giveaway a couple of years ago. It’s still fun and I thought I’d just put it up for anyone to download. No list opt-in required.

So here you go…

Curiosity Killed the Cat Poster

I Don't Believe Curiosity Killed the Cat - The Leonardo Trait - Angie Dixon

I don’t believe curiosity killed the cat.
I think it was bludgeoned to death
by someone with no imagination.

Get this adorable downloadable/printable poster here.

Leonardo Manifesto Poster

The Leonardo Manifesto Printable Poster - The Leonardo Trait - Angie Dixon

Express your Leonardo-ness with this printable poster.

Grab your  poster here

Official Leonardo Trait Creative License

Leonardo Trait Creative License Wallet Card - Angie Dixon

Show ’em you’re a licensed Leonardo!

Get your Creative License here.

Leonardo Trait Walllet Card

Leonardo Wallet Card - The Leonardo Trait - Angie Dixon

Be a Card-Carrying Leonardo!

Get Your Wallet Card Here.

Official Leonardo Certificate

Official Leonardo Certificate - The Leonardo Trait - Angie Dixon

My mother always said I was certifiable. Now you are, too – certifiably a Leonardo.

Get your certificate here.

Leonardo Declaration of Independence

Leonardo Trait Declaration of Independence - The Leonardo Trait - Angie Dixon

Declare your independence from the straight line.

Download your Declaration here.

Leonardo Bill of Rights


Know your rights as a Leonardo, including the right to be creative….

Grab your Bill of Rights Here

Leonardo Doorhanger

Leonardo at Work Doorhanger - The Leonardo Trait - Angie Dixon

Do not disturb the Leonardo at work.

Get your doorhanger here.

Leonardo on Board Sign

Leonardo on Board Sign - The Leonardo Trait - Angie Dixon

Got a Leonardo on board? Advertise it!

Your Leonardo On Board sign is here.