How The Leonardo Trait Solves the Problems of “Too Creative” and “Too Weird”

The Leonardo Trait Solves the Problem of "Too Creative" and "Too Weird" - The Leonardo Trait - Angie DixonIf anyone has ever said you’re too creative, or that your creativity and quick brain make you too weird, they were telling their own truth. But it wasn’t the truth, and you don’t have to make it your truth.

What the Problem Isn’t

The problem actually is not that you are “too creative” or “too weird.” I can prove this.

Is there now, or has there ever been, one person in your life who thought you were great and didn’t complain that you were “too” creative or weird or anything else? You were just great?

I know you’ve had someone in your life who thought you were fine the way you are. Even better than fine.

And if even one person, even for one moment, thought you were great or even just okay the way you are, then the problem can’t be you.

Because, you see, if the problem were you, everyone would notice the problem.

The Surprising Answer to “What Is the Problem?”

Now you expect me to tell you that the problem is the people who do think you’re “too weird” or “too creative” or “too” anything else.

Actually, that’s not it, either.

Remember I said that they’re speaking their own truth?

They’re not the problem, in and of themselves.

The problem is that our society doesn’t have a place for people with creative, quirky, imaginative brains—for Leonardos.

So when some people look at you and see that your brain doesn’t work the way their brains work, they think there’s something wrong with you.

That’s a pretty reasonable conclusion, actually. It’s painful as hell when you’re on the receiving end of it, but it’s reasonable if you don’t know what I know and what you now know.

But Here’s the Truth. The truth.

People don’t have identical brains.

We just don’t.

I’m not a neuroscientist, but I can say with certainty that no two people have identical brains—not even identical twins, because our brains change constantly as we learn things and experience things.

So Here’s Where The Leonardo Trait Solves The Problem Of “Too Creative” And “Too Weird.”

You’re not “too creative” because there is no such thing. And you’re not weird. You’re different. You know that. But what you may not know is that you’re different in a good way. In fact, you’re different in a really good way.

Your creativity, your two speeds, fast and stop, your boundless creativity, your multiple passions that encompass everything in your world at times and your galloping curiosity—those things make you a Leonardo.

It’s Okay That You’re Different Because…

If you’re like me, you’ve felt different and left out your entire life. Always. I first noticed it when I was about four. It never went away, until I discovered the concept of the Leonardo Trait.

Even then, at first I thought I was just making up an elaborate set of excuses for what was wrong with me.

Then I met the first person who ever read my book and said, “I’m a Leonardo.” Then another one. Then another one.

We feel different and left out because there are not that many of us, compared to all of the people who are not Leonardos.

You Need to Know What You Are

You know what they call something when there aren’t many of that thing and there are a lot of not-that-thing?

They call it rare.

They call it special.

They call it important.

I call it the Leonardo Trait.