Free Quiz: What is Your Creative Type and Why Does It Matter?

The truth is that everyone is creative, and understanding your creativity style will help you make the most of your unique gifts.

Leonardo Trait Creativity Quiz

There Are Four Types of People, Creatively

The way I see creativity, there are four types of people: Leonardos, Straight-Liners, those in the middle and those who divide everyone into three groups. So this quiz will help you decide which of these types you are. For simplicity’s sake, it only measures the first three types; it doesn’t work on deciding if you divide everyone up. You already know that. Let’s take a look at the first type…


The people known as Leonardos exhibit the Leonardo Trait. Leonardos are profoundly creative and profoundly talented. We are also multipassionate, often having a dozen or more projects going at one time. We are excited and exciting and enthusiastic and we’re the very definition of Jack of All Trades. That’s one extreme. The other extreme is…


Straight-Liners are the control in the Leonardo experiment, so to speak. Straight-Liners are great, but they are as opposite from Leonardos as you can get. They finish most of what they start, move in (duh) straight lines, have predictable interests, and are just in general very different in their creative style. However, Straight-Liners do have creativity. Most people are not exactly one or the other but one of…

Those in the Middle

Some people fall straight down the middle, while others have a tendency toward one type of creativity or the other. What this tells me is that creativity, the Leonardo Trait, is a continuum, and most people fall somewhere to one side or the other of the middle but not at either end.

The terms "Leonardo," "Straight-Liner" and "Middle-Liner" come from my research into creativity and more specifically from my book The Leonardo Trait (3rd Edition): How to Stop Trying to Be Normal and Start Being Who You Really Are (An Owner's Manual for the Brains of Profoundly Creative People."

The Leonardo Trait Creativity Quiz is designed to be fun and also to help you understand a little bit about why you are the way you are--and why how you are is absolutely perfect.

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