Pssst…. You’re Supposed to Be Different! You’re Not Weird. You’re a Leonardo

Pssst…. You’re Supposed to Be Different! You’re Not Weird. You’re a Leonardo - The Leonardo Trait - Angie DixonIf you’re anything like me, you’ve always known that you’re not “like everyone else.”

I first realized I was different at about four years old. I didn’t have words for it, of course. But by the time I got to kindergarten other kids knew the words for me. “Weird.” “Crazy.” “Dumb.” “Stupid.”

But the favorite word was “No.”

“No, you can’t sit at our table.”

“No, you can’t play with us.”

“No, you can’t eat lunch with us.”

And the big one: “No, you can’t be my friend.”

I wish I could say all of that stopped after kindergarten. Instead, it just got worse.

I longed to go to college far away, to escape the differentness and the “No’s.”

But of course wherever you go, there you are. I faced the same struggle with my different personality even after college. In fact, when I was 25 a woman several years older than me made a mutual friend move to another break room table rather than sit by me.

I eventually resigned myself to my fate of being different and weird and left out.

At that point I started to develop relationships with people who loved who I was.

I’m convinced that feeling of security, of being loved for myself, helped me discover the Leonardo Trait.

Once I did, I realized something crucial to my life, and yours.

We’re not like everyone else. We know that. What we don’t know or maybe don’t believe is that we’re not supposed to be.

We’re not inferior versions of anyone else. We’re perfect versions of ourselves.

If you’ve read The Leonardo Trait, you probably believe me about this.

If you haven’t read it, why not grab the free shareable copy I have available right now and take a look? I think you’ll find exactly who and what you’re supposed to be.

How would knowing you’re supposed to be different change your life?