“I’ve Read The Leonardo Trait—When Do Things Get Easier?”

EasierI get a lot of email about The Leonardo Trait. No one has ever asked, “When do things start getting easier?” I know that a lot of people wonder, though. When does the hard part stop?

I’ve got some bad news, but also some great news.

The bad part is that the hard part never really stops.

Being creative in a world where most people think you’re eccentric, weird or even crazy will always be hard in some ways.

You’re not going to suddenly morph into someone who fits in the world, and not fitting is always going to be a little tough.

The great news is that once you know you’re a Leonardo things get, if not all that much easier, then better.

Once you know who and what you are and that there’s nothing wrong with you or about you…

You start to care less about fitting in the world.

You start to find the people who care about you because of who you are.

You start to value your creativity, and your personality, a lot more.

You start to let the hard stuff roll off your shoulders—at least once in a while.

And I promise this next one:

You will never be the same.

Easy? Probably not. But better? Oh hell yeah.

How Writing The Leonardo Trait Changed My Life—And Why You Might Care

How Writing The Leonardo Trait Changed My Life—And Why You Might Care - The Leonardo Trait - Angie DixonLet me say this up front:

I hate blog post and article headlines that begin with “Why I…” or “How I…” or something similar.

I hate those headlines because my immediate, involuntary question is, “Who are you and why should I care why you did that or how you did it?”

I don’t think I’m alone in that. Most people want to read a blog post or an article that they’re going to find interesting. And most of us are tuned to radio station WIIFM – What’s In It For Me.

There’s nothing abnormal or selfish about wanting to read something that you can relate to and that holds value to you. That’s normal. It’s human.

So who am I and why should you care, first?

I’m the author of this blog and of three editions of The Leonardo Trait. The latest edition is subtitled “How Creative People Can Turn Creative Eccentricity into a Life You Love.

In this blog post I’m going to show you five ways writing The Leonardo Trait (three times) changed my life.

You should care, or rather you might care, because The Leonardo Trait can bring these same changes to the life of any extreme creative. If you want your life to work without giving up your creativity, The Leonardo Trait can help you get there.

And here’s a hint: Giving up your creativity won’t work anyway.

So here are those five changes:

  1. I realized that there was nothing “wrong” with me. Well, there are things “wrong.” I get bad migraines. I have a bad knee now, though I didn’t when I wrote the first book. I don’t have a filter between my brain and my mouth. But my creativity is not something that is “wrong” with me.
  2. I realized that I am not “wrong” because of my creativity. Sometimes it felt like more than just having something wrong with me. Sometimes it felt like I was wrong or bad. I’m not. And neither are you.
  3. I realized that not only is my brain not like everyone else’s, it’s not supposed to be. This is the way I’m made. And after I discovered the Leonardo Trait, a friend said, “That’s why we love you.”
  4. I wrapped my head around the idea that what I am and what I can do, as a creative Leonardo, is pretty damn cool. Pardon my French. I realized that instead of thinking I’m a freak, people think I’m awesome and amazing and that I rock—their words, not mine.
  5. I started finding other people like me. And that was the best thing of all.

Why The Leonardo Trait Can Change Your Life—And How It Can’t

Why The Leonardo Trait Can Change Your Life—And How It Can’tI’ve had this post planned for a while and I’ve really been looking forward to it. Here’s why.

I’ve seen remarkable changes in the lives of my readers, both of my book and of my blog, when they realize that they’re Leonardos and that they’re exactly who, what, where and when they’re supposed to be.

Why can The Leonardo Trait change your life?

The fact is that The Leonardo Trait can, in a manner of speaking, change your life—but it’s not quite that simple.

What The Leonardo Trait, including the concept, the book and the blog, can do for you is help you realize that you’re special. There’s nothing wrong with you. You don’t need to keep trying to be “normal.” You need to be more of who you are.

I can help you with that, through my writing, the coaching and other programs I’m planning to offer, and a certain amount of personal interaction.

I can help you figure out a direction and some ideas for what to do to get where you want to be.

That’s why The Leonardo Trait can change your life—because it adds something to your life that you’ve never had before—knowledge of your true nature and the support to be that person.

How can’t it change your life?

In the same way that joining a gym, buying a copy of Rosetta Stone software or stuffing your garage full of woodworking equipment can’t change your life, neither can The Leonardo Trait. Not on its own, anyway.

Your life can change only because of a change you make in your beliefs and actions. But with my help and The Leonardo Trait, you’ll be in a position to make amazing changes when you’re ready.