You Know You’re a Leonardo When…

You Know You're a Leonardo When...In the interest of full disclosure I just want to say that no one has ever asked me if they’re a Leonardo. People just seem to know.

But just in case, here are seven good indicators:

1. You have two speeds – fast and stop.

2. You saw the cover of The Leonardo Trait and thought, “I need that” – and you meant the Trait, not the book.

3. Even if you have never accidentally refinished a piece of furniture, you understand how that can happen.

4. You have said yes without hearing the entire question at least once… in the last six months.

5. If you have a project going, something is wrong – you need at least half a dozen projects to be happy.

6. You’re curious about everything.

7. Creativity is not something you do. It’s something you are.

If any or all of this sounds familiar, congratulations. You’re not weird. You’re a Leonardo.